Krafthaus is the RetroWave project of German vocalist/producer Alexander Kraft.

Born in the 80s he is old enough to have been raised by PetShopBoys, Desireless, Depeche Mode, New Order and Jan Hammer but he was too young to go to clubs and participate in the then-blossoming NewWave scene. His teenage years were spent being socialized by Nitzer Ebb and Front 242, while he was DJing and producing techno in Berlin in the early 2000s.

Kraft now lives in Hamburg/Germany and has gone back to revisit his earliest influences with his new project:




  • Krafthaus brings back the pure analog realism of the best years of music: a true synth-powerhouse!

    Georgio Morauder
  • While most SynthWave or RetroWave acts sound pretty much the same, Krafthaus has those recognizeable vocals and emotions unlike the other acts that just try to sound like the 80s!

    Alain Wildest
  • These songs sound so good, they teleport me straight back to 1987!

    Karlos Bartosz